Supervisor's Training Guide: A How to Book for New and Experienced Supervisors by Joyce Karnes
Supervisor's Training Guide by Joyce Karnes
Supervisor's Training Guide by Joyce Karnes
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Product Description
Supervisorís Training Guide is a book for first-time and veteran managers. Author Joyce Karnes promises to teach her readers how to be effective and confident managers.

It is a promise that she keeps. In this lively discussion of personality types and how they influence individual work behavior, Karnes relies upon her years of success as a trainer. She is the founder of a consulting firm, Positive Options for Productivity, which conducts supervisory development workshops for Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

The Guide is organized into eight "classes" that lead the reader through fascinating real-life case studies from Karnes's practice. Key principles are highlighted, and the author includes exercises and questions for discussion. Supervisor's Training Guide is that rare how-to manual that succeeds in being a fun read while sharing insights and practical advice. The author's keen understanding of human nature and her belief in positive options shines through.

Karnes's book is highly recommended for supervisors and managers in the industrial and services sectors, and business owners and CEOs who want to improve management down the line.